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We started with the idea of providing every individual with the opportunity to find love and the foundation for long term relationships. Our vision is to establish a formidable reputation as an online dating matchmaker with concerns for the needs of its users. We aim at serving our members with the facilities of online marriage matching also that can help in building relationships for a lifetime.

Your satisfaction drives us:

Our primary objective at Our Maker is to help you with the journey to finding true love. We intend to move beyond the services of free online matchmaking for marriage and provide our customers with a personalized experience. We make sure that our members do not feel driven towards specific persons by us.

Our members have complete privileges for choosing other members with whom they want to start a conversation. This seems satisfying enough for an online matchmaking site, doesn’t it? Most important of all, we are ready to provide support to our members at any time for helping them through the journey to true love and long term relationships!

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We are more than just a website providing free matchmaking by date of birth . Our services are tailored to bring back the old school vibe in romance and dating. Here are some of the notable reasons for which you cannot resist us!


Easy online search facility

The facility of a simple online search on Our Match Maker keeps you away from the complexities that often dissuade people from online dating and matchmaking.


Own email box

You get a personal email box which is the repository for exchanging messages with people that you connect with on Our Match Maker.


Round the clock support

Our members are always welcome to make the most of free support provided by us on Our Match Maker. We try our best to give our users the best experience possible!


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Take a tour through our photo gallery to know more about our dating services and witness the possibilities that you have ahead of you. You can also opt for the services of our photographer for clicking a sensational and appealing image of you!


Browse our photo gallery to begin your acquaintance with our dating agency or use the services of our photographer to submit your photo.


Stop hiding behind Technology and let us help you find long lasting Relationship!

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